In this section are the main fish that we trade under their respective scientific names, these fish are generally in block presentations or by pieces depending on the size of the units.


The sardines generally have a small size and a particular color. It is an important product in our great range thanks to the high quality which represent us as company

The sardine is knowed by its scientific name: sardina pilchardus

Marine fish about 25 cm in length, blue on the back and silver on the sides and belly, elongated body and very low tail fin; lives in coastal areas, especially in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, forming great banks.


The sole belongs to the species of flat fish, they generally have a different color on each side since they remain in the depths very close to the ground, this is why the bleached color on one side while the side facing the sea has a greenish-brown color. It is important to know how to identify the true sole, since fish of less quality is often marketed as such.

Bear in mind: sole has a more oval body and has smaller eyes

The sole is knowed by its scientific name: solea solea.

It is well known for its mild flavor, for this reason, it combines in many recipes.


The dentex has a greenish-gray color in the young and reddish-gray in the adults, it has a long dorsal fin and its habitat is mainly in the Atlantic. Also is knowed as samarozón, dentu, sabia and others names according to the area

The dentex is knowed by its scientific name: dentex dentex.

It belongs to the family of asparagus and of this it is precisely the most valued in the gastronomic market thanks to its compact meat and its tasty flavor. It is quite consumed in Spanish gastronomy

Horse Mackerel

Horse mackerel is also commonly known as chicharro, chicharrilla. It has an elongated and compressed body, it also has a greenish blue color, except for the belly, with white or silver tones. the eyes and mouth are very large in relation to the size of the head.

Horse mackerel known by its scientific name: Trachurus trachurus

It has a very pronounced flavor and is characterized by containing a high amount of thorns. It was known for its popularity in the lower strata thanks to its very affordable price, today it is recognized for its usefulness in different dishes as an ingredient and as a main dish.

Sardinella aurita- Alacha

It is also known as Alacha, it belongs to the Clupeidae family, it is a fish with a very close relationship to the Sardine so there is a great similarity to it. It is small in size and has a particular fin on the back.

It has a very pronounced flavor and is characterized by containing a high amount of thorns, yet its cuisine is very varied since its meat can be eaten in different presentations such as: roasted, grilled, fried, in stews, stews, in empanadas, in oil, in marinade, and in vinegar.


Mackerel has a very thin body with two separate dorsal fins, its colors are bluish on the top and white on the bottom (on the belly). Generally, the pieces of this fish vary between 25 and 45 cm and can reach a weight of up to 4.5 KG.

La Caballa es conocida por su nombre científico: Scomber colias

Mackerel is particularly identified by the vertical dark blue or black stripes on its back. It is highly accepted at the gastronomic level thanks to the versatility it offers for its preparation.

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